Volume 3  October-November  Issue 2010

LYF National Workshop for Young Leaders 2010

LYF participation in Asia Youth Enterprise Forum Jakarta

Orientation Workshop in Tejpur University

Strategic Planning Workshop    
MS University, Baroda

Strategic Planning Workshop   
St. Xavier's College, Ranchi

⇒ Essay competition held in LY Forum RGNUL Patiala (winning article)


Strategic Planning Workshop MS University, Baroda
5-6th September 2010

The two day training workshop was conducted by LYF Core Supervisor, Rajan Kumar Singh who is also the Finance coordinator/treasurer of LYF-India.

The workshop on the first day began with an introduction session where participants were asked to introduce themselves with special reference to their past experience of contesting elections (if any), expectations from the workshop and what he/she had brought to the seminar.

Strategic Planning Workshop St. Xavier's College, Ranchi
8-9th September 2010   

Liberal Youth Forum, St Xavier’s College has been in the league of our productive campuses. They started with the campaign on syllabus up gradation and by the end of the year showed result in the form of new courses being introduced. Quintessentially the students are passionate and interested.

This year with the new campus coordinator Urvashi, they’ve chosen to campaign for establishing an elected student body/council in their college. Thus at this stage it was very necessary to train them in strategy planning and since lot of members are new they needed to be introduced to LYF values and ideologies.

LY Forum RGNUL, Patiala
Essay Writing Competition
October 2010 Results

I  -   Kush Kalra,   IV Year
       ( Cash Prize Rs. 2000)
II  - Saloni Mathur,  II Year 
      (Cash Prize Rs. 1500)
III  - Gautum Jaisurya,  III Year 
      (Cash Prize Rs. 1000)

LYF wishes the winners luck and future and looks forward for more involvement with LYF RGNUL. 

Winning Essay

Youth Representation in Elected Bodies: Role in Well-Functioning Democracy

“Man is by Nature a political Animal” ------Aristotle

India is the largest democratic country in the world. It is possible because of the largest number of voters who are a part and parcel of the establishment of the government. In 1986, the then Prime Minister of India Late Rajiv Gandhi thought of assimilating the youth of the nation in building the government by reducing the age of the right to vote from 21 to 18.



Dear LYFians,

All of October, I had the good fortune of being surrounded by young and enthusiastic young leaders. In the first week of October, I was invited to present at the Asia Youth Enterprise Forum (organized by our supporter, Atlas Economic Research Foundation) in Indonesia, where 25 emerging young leaders from Asia congregated to share experiences about spreading liberal ideas.

In the third week of October, I met 23 young Indians, who were selected for LYF’s flagship National Workshop for Young Leaders in New Delhi. They all are active young leaders, some of them in their campuses, others who have taken the initiative to start their own organization and a few who are spearheading initiatives for youth organizations and even political parties.  Together with LYF core team, we had 3 days of action- oriented discussions on how to polish liberal arguments, learning about how we can work together to spread ideas of democracy, sound governance and youth power. The workshop saw a smorgasbord of experts as its resource persons, who are working on spreading these ideas on the ground and provided a reality check to the participants. 

Basis my experiences,  I can say that there is surely a section of youth, which is far from apathetic and we have to endeavor to identify them, groom them and ensure that they occupy positions of responsibility in the future.

To do this, we must unite and therefore, LYF‘s focus this month is on membership. We are opening up our first ever large scale membership collection drive the details of which you will receive soon. Let’s extend the enthusiasm, unite and gear up for an exciting year ahead.

In liberty,

Yavnika Khanna
National Coordinator, Liberal Youth Forum
Email: nc@lyfindia.org
Web: www.lyfindia.org 

Orientation Workshop in Tejpur University 

An orientation was organized under the supervision of Rajan Kumar Singh, the LYF finance coordinator in Tejpur University on 31st August 2010 with the following objectives:

1. To orient the participants about Liberal Youth Forum

2. To orient the participants about Campus Pulse Project , specifically the political work to be carried out this year in their campuses after identifying the issues they would like to work upon.

3. To identify young leaders.

The one day workshop was a mix bag of various themes divided into different sessions. It began with an introduction round where chits were prepared in which active- passive words were mentioned such as sun-moon, high-low etc and participants had to pick a chit, find the person which had the antonym of the word on their chit.

LYF participation in Asia Youth Enterprise Forum Jakarta

At a time when the world’s focus is shifting to Asia, a region undergoing tremendous economic, social, demographic, technological and political transitions, the Asian Youth Enterprise Forum (AYEF) brought together the custodians of its future or ‘youth power’. The AYEF was organized by Atlas Economic Research Foundation (with the tutelage of Smith Family Foundation) and brought together 25 young leaders from 12 Asian countries to discuss best-practices about spreading liberty in their respective countries.

LYF National Workshop for Young Leaders 2010

23 politically active young leaders in India came together to step ahead and work towards reforming governance systems in their campus and community. All the participants held positions of responsibility in their campuses or their community. Together, they shared experiences and developed strategies for creating and sustaining a liberal, democratic and inclusive world around them.

Feedback from NWYL Participants:






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