Volume 1  July 2010

⇒ What is Your Idea of a “Free Campus”?

⇒ Update from LY Forum- Sri Venketeswara College, Delhi

⇒ Updates from LY Forum- St. Xavier’s, Ranchi

⇒ It's Time for Student Power for Campuses ! : Yavnika Khanna

⇒ Meet the LYF core team

Update from LY Forum- Sri Venketeswara College, Delhi

From September 2009 – November 2009, our Delhi Campus Coordinator, Chiestha Kochar organized 5 major events in her campus, Sri Venketaswara College.

 The first event was conducted to form LYF Club in the college. After the short seminar which was attended by 45 students approximately, 33 students became members of the LYF club.

Updates from LY Forum- St. Xavier’s, Ranchi

Sadaf Hussain, LYF Ranchi Campus Coordinator through research and interaction with the students in his campus came to realise that many students felt that there was an urgent need to revise the curriculum as many were outdated and were not in accordance with the present need of the job market.

Meet the LYF core team

 Yavnika Khanna, National Coordinator, LYF

Yavnika has been closely associated with Centre for Civil Society and Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit first as a participant, and then as a resource person for their programs. 

Shabi Hussain, Deputy National Coordinator, LYF

Shabi is currently working with Centre for Civil Society (CCS) as an Associate, PR & Communication. He holds a post-graduate diploma in PR & Advertising.

Swati Chawla, Programs Coordinator, LYF

Swati has been working for the cause of liberty since her first association with the Centre for Civil Society (CCS) in 2004. She has been a regular resource person at CCS’ seminars and other programs.

Rajan Kumar Singh, Treasurer, LYF

Rajan is a post- graduate in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. He is the founder a Youth organization "Pratigya" in Jharkhand that works for the "Right to Quality School Education" for children.


Cover story

 Welcome to the first issue of LYF Line, Liberal Youth Forum’s own e-newsletter!

The initiative is a brand new start hinting towards the growth of the LYF network. As we reach newer geographies in India through more bright young people like you, we wish to keep in constant touch with you in every possible medium. So, we think you’ll like our digital initiative! 

LYF Line marks a lot of sparkling new starts like our new coordinators in Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Ludhiana. This year in October we are working to introduce a National Workshop for Youth Leaders, where the brightest young leaders will strengthen leadership skills. Another fresh beginning: Jasmine Jose, our new Executive Secretary starts her journey with LYF in the capital. LYF’s newest bud shares her initial reactions in her own style here.

LYF Line will inform you of news, views and happenings. So keep it coming in your inbox, share it with your forum members and contribute articles to make it a raging success!

In liberty
Yavnika Khanna
National Coordinator, Email: nc@lyfindia.org


What is Your Idea of a “Free Campus”?

LYF asked young people about their idea of free campus:

1. My opinion about a free campus would be a place where teachers and students interact freely. The students are heard by authorities and their thoughts are acknowledged with special reference to the curriculum making. A place where girls feel safe just like their male counterparts.  

Anoop Awasthi, Delhi University Law Faculty

2. A place where students have their say in important decision making process. Rather it should be a collective effort where all the stakeholders in the campus work towards the betterment of the campus.

Nimisha Aggarwal, Miranda House,
Delhi University (DU)

3. A platform where students get a chance to speak and their opinions are respected by the higher authorities. There should be more personal interaction between the teachers and the students.

Aldeena Raju,  D.U

4. Student’s council should be genuine in their working where the thoughts and opinions expressed by all students are represented. It should not be a one man show where only one particular group or party dominates the council.

 Ananya B, Times Business School, Delhi

5. Since a campus runs for the betterment of the students who study in it, the major role of decision making should be handed down to the governance of the students. The officials, teachers and all other higher authorities can work in collaboration with the students with limited interference.

Aashutosh Aggarwal

6. A FREE CAMPUS -1) eliminating undue administrative restrictions for e.g all forms and formalities should be made online so that students would not have to depend on clerks and haggle with them, 2) it should be a site of freedom of expression and free exchange of ideas with students initiative a regular routine, 3) freedom to dress the way one wants and not being dictated by anyone.

Amruta, Pune

7. My idea of a free campus would be a place where even the underprivileged gets a chance to grow in life, where the poor can get to study at a lesser cost or no cost at all. A place where everyone has an equal say and not one person or authority rules the campus.

Rishab Khurana, Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology

8. A free campus is not only a right of the students but also a platform to explore their leadership qualities. For e.g. students politics in a campus is the 1st step one take before the big leap in the state or national level politics.

Keshav Gupta, Hansraj College, D.U

9. Free campus for me is not just being free in the literal sense but takes into consideration freedom of choice, free thinking, no forceful imposition of values and doing things as we ought to do.

Martina Roy, Jesus and Mary College, D.U

10.Free campus represents FREEDOM OF LIFE.

Sijit Thomas, D.U


 Tell us about YOUR idea of a free campus by emailing us at contactus@lyfindia.org


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